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September 20, 2013

A stick & some string {Flashback Friday}

You give Isaac a piece of string and a stick and you can imagine that it will turn into a homemade bow & arrow!  I bet that 90% of the images that I have taken of Isaac somehow include something in his hands. . .and typically it is a stick! :)  These images were taken a few years ago & I still love them. I love Isaac’s imagination and how he can create something out of what appears to be nothing.  My oldest and my youngest are avid readers.  .  .my two middle kiddos would rather be doing something with their hands.  When we are driving (which we often do as we live in the middle of nowhere), you will find Ethan’s nose in a book & Isaac staring out the window dreaming.  I would truly love to get inside his mind sometime and see what he thinks about.  I am sure I would find it fascinating! I would challenge those of you who are parents who are reading this to take out your camera or iphone and capture what is meaningful to your child this week. . .whether it is them reading a book or jumping on a trampoline or making a mudpies. . .these are the every day memories that mean so much and need to be captured!!