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April 12, 2016

INTRODUCING…The Cultivate Series!

My heart has been pulled in a new direction, ever since I started feeling the little wiggles and kicks of life inside me. It was then that I realize just how precious and fragile this life is. And how every moment, and sometimes the smallest ones, are the ones that mean the most.

When you’re going through your phone images, you don’t stop and stare at the ones where everyone is in the same colored outfit sporting forced smiles. You stop and stare at the images of your husband taking off his shoes when he gets home from work, your little one sitting at the kitchen table exercising his imagination with crayons and playdoh. You stop and stare at the images of your daughter pouring cereal into a bowl and spilling puddles of milk on the floor. You stop and stare at the images of your son trying to carry a pile of sticks across the lawn to build a fort. You stop and stare at the images of their little toes and eyelashes as they nap, their imperfect hair, messy from adventure, and their gapped-tooth smiles that show signs of them growing up.

And those, those are the images that you will treasure forever. The images of life. Real, raw, vulnerable, imperfect, moments that make up your every day. Because it’s in the every day that those moments are the most valuable. The moments that take place over and over, that if gone, would be so missed. The moments of your first baby meeting the world for the very first time. The emotions of you and your husband as parents for the very first time.

And that’s what my heart longs to capture. That’s why I’m launching an all-new series that is unlike any other. I’ll come into your home for hours, if be, and capture your family living life. From the crayon marks on the dining table to the little ones brushing their teeth. From muddy toes to making toast for breakfast. From playing hide and seek, to cradling your first little baby in his first few weeks of life. Life is messy. It’s imperfect, and it’s in the imperfections that there is so much beauty. It’s a beautiful mess of irreplaceable emotion, joy, and life. 

The Cultivate Series is an all-new curated collection that will capture your home and family in it’s most delicate, real stage. Images are taken in black and white in order to capture a story. To capture moments that speak. To freeze those moments of your children experiencing “firsts”. My dream for you is to document a day in the life of your family living. 

I am so excited to share these images below as an example of what it looks like to have your family captured through The Cultivate Series. Where you’re cultivating love in the walls of your home.

These sessions include 1-2 hours of shooting time, where I come into your home just as it is. Whether it’s a Saturday morning where the family is all together making breakfast and playing outside, or a weekday afternoon of mama with her babies. Sessions include a high resolution gallery of images, print release, and an in-person viewing session where we’ll choose images to fill the walls of your home.

The Cultivate Series sessions begin at $350. Packages vary with shooting time. For more information, or to book a session, send an inquiry through the form, or email emily@lifesong-photography.com.

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