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December 16, 2016

Jack and Alyssa | Portland Winter Engagement Photography

This is one of those stories you’re going to need to bookmark as a favorite, and come back to it and read it over and over, because it’s THAT good. I promise, just like Jack promised to Alyssa with the most stunning rose gold engagement ring you’ve ever seen, and just like they’ll promise again in just a few short months to each other, to forever.

Alyssa and I first met in the spring of 2014 when she came to a Leavenworth Delight and Be Retreat. She’d say the same thing, but when I first met her, she was oh so very quiet. I saw so much potential in her and just wanted to see into her heart, because I knew she was special. She’s been a faithful retreat attendee since then, and this past spring, in April, she fought  coming. Didn’t think she was meant to. Little did she know that coming meant meeting her future FAMILY! 

At the retreat, Jack’s sister said right to Alyssa, “You can marry my brother.” …and within a few hours, Jack’s mom said the very same thing to her. The catch? Jack and Alyssa knew nothing about each other. But after Facebook requests and little conversations which led to Facetiming and phone conversations…which led to hard hours of work to fund cross country plane tickets…which led to a December afternoon walk where Jack just couldn’t wait any longer to ask her to be his forever. His bride. His wife.

I have goosebumps writing that. That Alyssa is going to be a WIFE. And not because it’s a crazy story…because it is (and this is the short version!), but because I already know without a doubt in my mind that Alyssa is going to be such an amazing wife. She’s patient and kind, gentle and gracious. She has a depth to her that is only met when you spend time intentionally with her. She speaks these words of wisdom where you want to go get a journal to document it. She’s the kind of person you want by your side. She’s the kind of friend you want to call to tell the very best news to, because she’ll celebrate right there with you with such genuine care. She’s the kind of person you want to spend forever with…the kind of person Jack has the privilege of spending his forever with.

But you’re probably wondering just how know Jack’s family. Here’s the crazy thing…they live just two turns down the road from me. Jack’s little sister is dating my little brother, so I met them a little over a year ago, and they’ve become like family to me since my family is a few hours away. I’ve watched Jack fall in love from a distance and been at his family’s house when he disappears from the room. Everyone knew, “Jack’s talking to Alyssa.” It’s just the CRAZIEST story you guys!!! All because of Delight and Be, these two are becoming husband and wife and I could not be more thrilled for these two…and more thrilled to hopefully have Alyssa a little closer to me…and by that, I mean a whole lot closer than oh…Chicago!!!

Jack and Alyssa, my heart is just over the moon for you both. It was an honor to photograph you and do it on the morning when it was a blizzard outside. You both reminded me again why I do what I do. It’s to capture a love like yours. To capture the immense joy you two have when you’re together. You’re magnetic. I’m so excited to see you as a couple and to see God use you both to further His Kingdom. You make such an amazing team. I’m SO excited to share these engagement photos and oh…can’t wait for the million more sessions I’ll have of you guys because you’re my favorite models like EVER!! Congratulations, you two!!!





  1. The snow is so magical!!!