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May 19, 2018

Jake & Callan | Lake Chelan Engagement Session

It was a Thursday evening just a few short weeks ago that I arrived in Lake Chelan and about burst into tears at the sight of the vibrant green rolling hills covered in an endless display of wild sunflowers. I lived in the Lake Chelan area for twenty years before making the move to the southern bit of the state and I can say without a doubt this year was the prettiest spring I have ever seen. It was like a dream come true being welcomed into a landscape so full of life after a nearly seven hour drive from rain, rain, rain. The next day, Jake & Callan drove and met me at what I think is likely my favorite place on this earth. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s so close to home or if it’s the incomparable feeling of being in the mountains and yet feeling so cozy. Whatever it is, it’s my favorite not-so-hidden gem that I turn to for a location any time of the year because it’s always changing, always different, and always so beautiful.

And oh how I could talk for hours about these two. I remember when Callan and I first started chatting on the phone last fall and well…let’s just say a solid 60 minutes went by like that, if ya know what I mean. You guys, she is amazing. Beautiful, talented, successful, and I just know she’s going to be such an incredible wife. The vision she has for her and Jake’s wedding has me speechless. I absolutely cannot wait for their day this September, that I know will be complete with flawless design and detail. These two are such a power couple. Seriously. And they have the cuuuuuutest dog in the world. She was such a trooper adventuring through the tall grass and out of control sagebrush and just well…I guess I should say Jake and Callan were the real troopers, cause I may or may not have hiked up the side of the mountain with these two AND got in trouble with the park ranger for parking in the wrong place, but hey…

it. was. so. worth. it.

Jake and Callan, you two are amazing! I can’t WAIT for September and what an amazing day your day is going to be!!! <3