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December 30, 2012

Kyle and Kara // Lifesong Engagement Session

I truly enjoy engagement sessions. . .it is such a special time in a couple’s life.  I also know it can be a stressful time with a lot of unknowns. . .where will we live, will I have a job, when should the wedding day be, what venue, how many people should we invite, who should we invite, etc.  It is a time when you should be focusing on your upcoming marriage, but with all the details that need to be discussed it can end up being more about the wedding than the marriage.

Well, Kyle and Kara are an amazing couple! I actually met Kyle when he was around four or five.  I haven’t really watched him grow up except for annual Christmas cards, so it was really special to get to know him during our session.  Kyle and Kara have had their share of unknowns, but they both truly strive to put God first and are trusting Him for their future.  They have it figured out. . .focus on the marriage and not on the wedding.  So, we did “Save the Date” pictures, but as you know the verse that says “In a heart a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps”–Proverbs 16:9.  I chatted with Kara on the phone yesterday and found out that they had moved their wedding date to January as Kyle is entering the army.  As sad as I am that I won’t be apart of their day capturing moments, I am so incredibly excited for them. . .excited for them to start their life together as husband and wife.  I’m excited to watch as God directs their lives as they continue to put Him first.

Kyle & Kara–I am so thankful for our time together.  I am praying for you both and so excited for your future. . .I know God has amazing things in store for your life!