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November 4, 2014

Lindsey + Aaron


There are really no other words powerful enough to begin describing who they are and their wedding day. Aaron and Lindsey are two of the most adventurous, tender hearted, compassionate, kind people I’ve ever met. Their wedding day was nothing short of absolutely magical. It was nestled in the mountains of the Methow Valley, on the property where Aaron was raised.

Mid July, a fire ran through the valley and protected this little pocket of land. When I pulled in on the wedding day, you could see the fire line that surrounded the property. Prior to the wedding, Aaron’s dad passed away, so their wedding day was nothing they anticipated. It was emotional, powerful and absolutely so, so sweet. Something you should know is that Aaron’s family has a gift of finding the most unique treasures and collectibles. Their property is like a real life antique store Disneyland of incredible collections of everything from license plates to croquet sets, vintage bicycles and….marble collections. Aaron’s dad had collected thousands of marbles. When I walked to the reception area to photograph some details, I was just overcome with emotion seeing the centerpieces created out of marbles. Then I heard the sweet voice of Betty, Aaron’s mom saying, “Can you believe Aaron made every one of those?” Seriously! Grooms, take note! ;) 

Lindsey. She’s just a treasure. She has a heart of gold and her genuine laugh, her warm hugs and sweet smile. I just adore her & it’s kind of obvious her new husband does too!!!

For real, you just have to see the detail of this wedding day! Aaron’s mom has the most incredible garden you’ve ever seen. I could have spent hours in the flower garden or under the grapevines digging for treasures like the cutest birdhouses! It was like being transported to the secret garden to watch the most precious couple exchange vows.

Gahhh! Words just aren’t enough….so I’ll let the photos do the talking ;)









Yes please, can we just stay here forever!? This setting was absolute magic!!


Isn’t this bouquet the most vibrant, whimsical one you’ve ever seen!? I was in love!