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January 14, 2012


I don’t know about other photographers, but I find that taking pictures of my own children is definitely the most difficult, so I didn’t really have an actual session with Luke for his graduation pictures. My kids will tell you that one of the things that I’ve done for years is plan our vacations around something educational. . .poor kids! :)  So, in honor of Luke’s graduation, we chose to go to a few states we’d never been to. . .TN & GA.  Luke has always loved History and we spent many years studying the Civil War, so we included quite a few outings to the battlefields, Andrew Jackson’s home, plantations, etc. So while we were out and about being “tourists”, I had Luke “pose” for me and we ended up with a few pictures. Upon returning home and uploading the pictures, I quickly realized how hard it was to find a picture that was not only technically correct, had the expression I desired, etc.  We came up with about 50 pictures that we edited.  I was blown away when we went to choose one for an announcement. . .out of 50+ pictures, there was only one that we both really liked!