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December 14, 2013

Shane and Anika | Wenatchee Private Estate Wedding | Craigmuir Castle

I could spend hours trying to explain to you the wonders of this wedding. The details right down to the homemade cold room made to preserve the international flowers that had to be kept at a certain temperature to maintain their extravagant beauty. I could try to explain how magical it was to be transported to the summer of 1922 to a Great Gatsby themed ceremony, complete with an ostrich feather display with orchids from around the world, a live dulcimer and harp player, and well, no Great Gatsby themed wedding would be complete without outfits to fit the era. And oh! I could write magazine articles ooing and aahing over the Moroccan jazz themed reception, with vivid colors and peacock pillows, orchids floating in exotic centerpieces with sanded grapevine wood. The wedding cake itself was a brilliant display of golden ginko leafs and fondant pillows with gems.

But instead, I’m going to tell you a little bit about Shane and Ani. These two just gave me butterflies all day. A pilot and a professor. And now, husband and wife. Their little whispers of sweet nothings and contagious giggles. I was just smitten with these two and their love for each other. They laughed and they shared memories over a phenomenal ethnic dinner, they danced, and they exchanged lifelong vows to one another. And they skipped back down the aisle with an incredible joy to be Mr. and Mrs. Atkins. I’m so excited for you both as you embark on this journey together as one. And well, I think the photos do a better job of showing their love for one another than my words do. ;)