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February 4, 2015

the fireworks: they lit up the sky and my heart! || Becoming Mrs. M, pt. III

Oh man. I remember the 4th of July like it was yesterday. It was one of those days I wish I could go back and re-live over and over and over again. I remember the drive down to Vancouver taking what seemed like for days, but nerves just built up in me with such intensity that I just about burst. It was the first time I was going to meet his parents, and spend the weekend at their house. To say I was nervous would be an incredible understatement.

And to make things even more funny, I arrived without a phone charger (the butterflies got the best of me), and 30% battery for 48 hours. Not like I needed to contact anyone, but my mom was on pins and needles wanting to check in, but I couldn’t! (And I forgot a camera! The bit of battery I did have was to capture a few iphone shots…featured below ;))

Ahhh..the night of the 4th. I remember packing up the sweetest snacks in a cooler, some fresh cherries I had picked from the orchard and fruit snacks. Nathan’s parents and I took off to Fort Vancouver for the annual firework show, and you guys! I had no idea how popular they were!

We had to park about a mile away and made the short trek to the lawn to set up our chairs before walking through what felt like a fair, with vendors cooking up elephant ears that smelled divine and live music permeated through the air. It was absolutely surreal to be by his side.

The fireworks hadn’t even started, but my heart was just soaring with emotion. There was no one’s side I wanted to be by more than his. The way he protected me and watched out for me. (Girls, don’t settle for less than God’s best!) He made sure my chair was placed in the perfect spot to have the best view of the fireworks, but really, I was more interested in watching him :)

I remember exchanging glances ever so often (more like every minute), where we’d make those little “I like you” smirks. ;)

The firework show was remarkable and the whole weekend was filled with so much anticipation and excitement of just trusting God’s will and plan over our relationship. After all, we weren’t even dating at this point! (That’s right, we just talked on the phone every night and were virtually inseparable).

We shopped at a little hole in the wall Oriental market to collect the ingredients to make Pad Thai and fresh, homemade spring rolls. We sat on the back porch and laughed together till the sun went down. We rode bikes along the waterfront and watched the sailboats, acknowledging the uniqueness of each sail.

I’m so thankful for this sweet weekend. Looking back, it was one of the highlights of 2014 for me, of just loving every single moment and every bit of time spent with him and his family. I fell in love with his parents and his family and gosh, driving six hours back home was painful because all I wanted was to experience life with him and be near him. But really, the distance was (and still is) one of the sweetest ways that God has cultivated a deep desire to pursue one another and ultimately pursue Jesus first.

This man though. He had stolen my heart long before it was expressed verbally…and cheering from our seats at the stadium decked in purple and gold was definitely one of the best dates ;)

Next Wednesday’s bit is one of my favorites to tell! <3


  1. marcia says:

    this series is seriously making me smile so hard! i adore seeing these posts in my dash and i can’t wait for the next part. :)

  2. Deborah gormley says:

    Senior pictures