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March 28, 2012

A Mother’s Heart | Wenatchee Family Photographer

My passion in life is being a mom.  I love being a mom. . .or “momma” as my kiddos call me.  I feel beyond blessed to have been chosen to be Luke, Emily, Isaac and Ethan’s momma. . .it is a privilege to raise them and also a huge responsibility. I am now past the stages of changing diapers, watching them take their first steps, morning sickness, wiping bottoms, etc.  I remember what life was like when I was a mom of young children. It is hard. It is tiring. It is draining.  I remember.

I remember the sleepless nights.  I remember the weariness.  I remember the excitement when I got five hours of sleep in a row. I remember the worry when my kids had a fever. I remember the joy of feeding them their first solid foods, the excitement of  watching them take their first steps, listening to them sound out words and start to read for the first time. . .the list goes on and on.  I look back over the 19 years of parenting and I realize how it has changed me. I had such ideals and thoughts of what being a mom was going to be like when I became pregnant for the first time. I remember the pains, trials and joys that I’ve encountered being a mom.  The role of parenting is refining.

I didn’t start writing this post with the idea that I was going to write about me and mothering. There has been no greater joy to me than being a mom.  With all that being said, I have a heart for moms who are in the thick of parenting younger children because I remember what it is like. When I see moms who are in the thick of life with young kids, I honestly have such compassion for them.  I also want to share my heart and things that I wish I might have done differently. . .things like relaxing, not majoring in minors, etc.  AND having more than one picture of me being pregnant.

I try not to dwell on regrets. But, I truly regret that I was too self-conscious to have pictures taken when I was pregnant. I felt fat and ugly. How sad!! I have one single picture and I am in ugly sweat pants and a big ugly shirt, but I LOVE it as I know that my Ethan was inside me growing and a few months away from coming into the world.  I wish I had pictures of every single one of my children while they were in the womb.  I think that is why I appreciate maternity pictures so much!

When I was talking to Sharon and asked if she had any maternity pictures taken with her other precious babies and she replied “no”, I knew that it would be so special to get some of her and her precious kids.  Sharon is such an amazing mom! Sharon has been blessed with an amazing story that you should take some time to read.  Her husband, Josh (our pastor) also shared one Sunday that I happen to miss out on. So I uploaded the podcast and made the mistake of listening to it on the airplane. . .I’m sure I was quite a sight sitting there with tears streaming down my face. My boys listen to it  as well because Emily will be living with Josh and Sharon when they move over to Seattle for a awhile. . .I wanted them to understand why their big sister wasn’t going to be home and how we can be praying for the McPherson family.  Precious Ella Mae (who we absolutely adore along with her sweet brother and sister!!) was born with spina bifida and baby #4 (a precious baby boy!) will also join their family with spina bifida in May.  Their story is beautiful and I feel so blessed that Emily will have the honor of being part of their family during this time. I also feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture this time in their lives. . .it is so evident that these kiddos adore their momma.

**If you click on their names above, you can read more about their story and how you can pray for them during this time!