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March 30, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday, Jillian!

Sometimes being a photographer has some pretty amazing perks! I felt so blessed to be able to capture this amazing occasion.  The girls met at Jillian’s house and had fun getting all dressed up. The limo was waiting for them when they were ready and took them to a beautiful field for a fun photo shoot. We had so much fun and even included some great shots with some chickens and ducks.  When we were done, we piled back into the limo and went around town. . .it was so much fun “being a fly on the wall” and watching the girls sing and have so much fun together while hanging out the windows, drinking Red Bull and eating candy.  They knew they were heading to dinner at Chateau Faire Laponite, but they had no idea that each of their daddies were going to be waiting for them with roses and to escort them to dinner.  Their reactions when we pulled into the driveway and they saw their dads waiting for them was priceless.  I know it is a evening that the girls will remember forever.  What an amazing 16th birthday!!