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October 5, 2014

// Shaun + Emma | Ritter Farms |

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve replayed this day in my mind, wishing I could just jump right back into the day and soak up every moment from it over and over! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year!

Wow that was a mouthful. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that this day was absolutely MAGICAL! It was a fairy tale from beginning to end with the laciest white dress, vibrant maple leaves, a romantic carriage getaway and even a DONUT bar for dessert!

I tell you. Emma is one of a kind and she was the most incredible bride. She thought of every single detail down to the prettiest ruffle decor and coffee filter pom-poms. Absolutely incredible. I mean just look at the details from this day…she is remarkable! And guess what! For all you brides, she has an Etsy shop where you can have access to all things beautiful to make your wedding day a fairytale too!

From the second you drive onto the property at Ritter Farms, you’re transported into a place that is set apart from the rest of the world. Almost like you’ve been put into a Cinderella snowglobe full of all things romantic. I mean let’s just keep it between us, but October weddings are some of the sweetest! ;)

Now there’s some super, super exciting news with Shaun and Emma…..but you have to read to the very end to find out :) I had coffee with Emma just a few months ago to catch up on married life and oh my, I’m just so thankful for our friendship!

Happy, happy anniversary you two!!! I hope your Cannon Beach anniversary trip was relaxing and perfect before well….you know ;)





loved the detail on Emma’s dress!


Umm can we just talk about how contagious their joy is!?


I mean, because every wedding should have glazed donuts and maple bars for dessert!


Ooooooooh I just couldn’t even handle it when they exited the ceremony in this carriage! Soooo romantic!


Just look at this barn!


This was my first time working with Jed from JMG Entertainment and I thought to myself driving home after the wedding, “I want to work with him every wedding!” My dream came true a few times this summer when I worked with him at Paul and Maggie’s and Ben and Becky’s weddings :)


Their guests knew how to have a good time ;) They even pulled me out to the dance floor for a few songs….and I’m so glad they did so I could capture this!


….I promised that if you read all the way to the end I would tell you something special. But can we just all take a second to talk about how absolutely adorable these two are!? Which means that little BABY Rose is going to be the cutest!!! Oh I can’t wait to snuggle your little baby! I’m soooo excited for you two! <3 <3

Venue: Ritter Farms | Cle Elum, Washington

Dress: Bella Sera | Wenatchee, Washington

Hair Stylist | Megan Velazquez of Tousled Salon | Wenatchee, Washington

  1. This is a really romantic photo. i love the angle of the shot to.