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July 27, 2011

Peonies {Eucharisteo}

I have always loved peonies.  I think hydrangeas, gerber daisies and peonies are my favorite flowers. . .if I could have a bouquet of these on my kitchen counter at all times, I would! I recently became aware that God didn’t just design peonies to be beautiful for aesthetic purposes, but also for medicinal.  My Emily has been doing many treatments in order to help with her CRPS and one of them has been taking herbs that help with the pain, inflammation and sweating.  I looked up the English names of her herbs and was shocked to see that white peony was one of the ingredients.  White peony has been used in chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  It helps with digestion, relieves pain, reduces spasms and helps blood flow.  Who would have thought that such a beautiful flower could also be so helpful?  Today I am thankful for not only the beauty of these flowers, but also the fact that they are helping my sweet girl. . .

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  2. Kristi says:

    So beautiful! I am a fellow lover of peonies!