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July 11, 2017

Eric & Kaiti | Lake Chelan Engagement Session

Where to start. These two. Oh my woooooord!! I first heard about Kaiti from a local friend who owns a beautiful venue in Chelan! You see, it isn’t exactly that easy to just call Kaiti and meet for coffee, since I live down near Portland, and she’s a few states over in the warm heat of Texas!! But when we first started emailing a few months ago, I just knew she was a catch. Obviously Eric did too ;) When we met up a few weeks ago to chase the evening light in the heart of Central Washington, just outside Lake Chelan, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!!! Not only was the light perfect (and I mean…p.e.r.f.e.c.t), and their outfits aaaadorable, but their LOVE!! You guys. I felt like I was on a date with the two of them – only I was a fly on the wall just watching these two together. They are absolutely the sweetest, most down to earth, kind, gentle people you’ll ever meet!! They’ve almost convinced me to move to Texas…but my heart is stuck here in the PNW :) All that said, Eric & Kaiti, thank you, for choosing me and for letting me in on your love story and seeing your relationship! I feel so honored to be a part and can’t WAIT for August!! It can’t get here soon enough! ;) ;)