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January 13, 2014

Slow down. // Monday Musings

For business owners, we’d all nod our head harmoniously. For stay at home moms or people who just use it to waste time, you’ll probably sway from a nod to a “ehhi’mnotsosure”.

Social Media.

I keep waiting for a book to be released called “Death by Social Media”. Not in a legit sense, but kind of. I know we’re all guilty, me included. Every morning, I seem to find myself caught in the same routine of waiting for my teapot to chirp, scrolling through my Instagram feed. Sure, it’s a great resource for posting and documenting life, sharing business tips and networking.

But I can almost 100% guarantee that if someone placed a ticker on your desk of how many seconds were spend scrolling through your news feed on Facebook or checking on the trending tweets, you would want to crawl into a hole and cover your eyes.

So today, this Monday the 13th, I encourage you to do what I’ve done. Place reminders on your phone. Every several hours, a reminder pops up on my phone reminding me to turn off social media. It’s a necessary evil that a lot of us use unnecessarily. Instead of perhaps, checking in on a celebrity’s Instagram, laugh with your kids a little more. Instead of instilling in them that it’s OK to turn to social media to cure our boredness, crack open a book, color, run outside. Don’t get trapped into the same routine of checking Facebook just because it’s “what you always do”, escape that trap! You’ll never be in this exact moment again. Savor it. Soak it up. Enjoy it. Learn from it. <3

xoxo, (turn your phone on airplane mode for an hour, enjoy the silence!)