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January 12, 2014

>> A date + a treasure. From her perspective.

I really could go on and on talking about our new Sweetheart Sessions and why they’re so special, but I’m going to let someone very dear to me share her experience with you instead. All I really want you to know, is that these sessions are treasured for a lifetime. Because they’re photos of you, your sweetheart, and your love story together. I encourage you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime session. Know why? Because you can. Because you should. Because you’re in love. Whether you’re married, engaged, or boyfriend and girlfriend, need images for your Save the Date, or just need some photos of you and your love, this is something I can promise you’ll treasure forever. You’ll never be in this moment again. So savor it!

So without further ado, let me introduce (you already know her, but it’s ok), my dearest mom and her experience with the Sweetheart Sessions. (Hi mom!)

 One of the things on my “must do” list for 2013 was having my pictures with my sweet husband.  I had said that I wanted to do it for years and years and just never made the time.  The older I get the more I realize that my insecurity of how I look has gotten in the way of wanting to be in front of the camera.  It’s much easier to hide behind the camera and be the one capturing the beauty on the other side. I can truly say that over the years of taking pictures, the more beautiful people have become.  I see beauty like I’ve never seen it before.  The beauty of capturing emotion and love is my ultimate favorite.  So I asked Emily if she would take some time and try to get some pictures of her own parents. :) We hadn’t had any pictures taken since our wedding 22 years ago.  We had candids of the two of us, but nothing professional or worthy of being on a canvas.  So we did it!  We actually went on a drive and found some fun places to take pictures of just us!  I was giddy when I opened beautiful canvases that Emily had printed for us for Christmas (and a huge thank-you to my sweet Delight girls for buying us a beautiful one!!).   Do I wish I had waited to start working out and felt in shape?  Do I wish I would have waited to find the perfect outfits?  No!! Because if I had waited, it would never have happened. I waited 22 years which was way overdue. I wish I would have had them done every single year. I don’t regret them one bit. She captured who we are: real, goofy, and in love. So I urge you to make it a goal in 2014 to capture you and the love of your life. Take advantage of our Sweetheart Sessions right now.  You really won’t regret it!  Plus it was kind of romantic! Plan a date afterwards. . .get a babysitter, get your pictures taken, go out to dinner and go to a movie. :) Make it a date. xoxo, Kristin
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  1. Emily Ruth says:

    You are so gorgeous and these photos are wonderful. Emily did a fantastic job. Your love is so evident and it’s just so adorable. :)

  2. Kerri Lynne says:

    These are so precious Kristin!! You’re such a treasure. And how powerful not to wait for these moments, they’re fleeting and all we have is now! Love you tons.