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May 9, 2015

James + Caryn | Lifestyle | Downtown Camas

In just shy of a month, I’ll be moving the one of the cutest little towns I’ve EVER been to and I can’t wait. When I was down in the area a few weeks ago, these dear friends gave me a call and said, “Hey! Let’s go adventure around Camas!” I thought I loved the area BEFORE photographing it, but getting to adventure and explore the area behind the camera and be in a new place was nothing short of exhilarating. Plus, having these two stunning people in front of the lens was a blast!!!

James + Caryn got married almost two years ago this fall, and I remember meeting them at a wedding I photographed when Caryn sang…and you guys. This girl has the voice of an angel! When she asked if she could bring her guitar for some music photos, I couldn’t waaaaait. She’s radiant and so full of joy and has such a zeal for life. Check out her music here!!  Her and James have the sweetest relationship that’s so full of spunk, and the way these two constantly flirt with each other…ahh, it’s so special. When I asked them for some marriage advice, this was their response….

Don’t take things too seriously, and just enjoy it. Enjoy each other. 

And that’s what they do. They have the sweetest love for each other and for living life together, and it was such a privilege to spend an afternoon with them exploring the place they call home, and the place I get to call home soon! Can’t wait to be neighbors with these two…I’m already counting down the days till we can have dinners in the backyard with sweet music and twinkly lights!