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May 9, 2015

Carl + Megan | Married, pt. II | Lake Chelan Wedding

When Carl and Megan first asked me to photograph their wedding at Salish Lodge, I couldn’t say YES fast enough! I was so excited for so many reasons – but really, because these two are some of my favorite people in the WORLD! So…when they asked me to not just photograph their wedding day, but ALSO their post wedding….fiesta – my jaw dropped and I said, “WHEN!!?”Because let’s be honest…how often do people get to celebrate their marriage under a waterfall and THEN celebrate it with an authentic catered fiesta complete with a live mariachi band and homemade margaritas!? Oh you guys.

If there’s one thing I can encourage every single couple out there…don’t ever stop celebrating your marriage. It is the biggest gift God gave to us and it’s to be treasured, cherished, valued and it is so so precious. Your spouse is the one you get to walk through this life with – by your side through every victory and every battle, every challenge and every triumph. Some days you’ll want to pack your bag and walk away, and other days you won’t be able to say I love you enough. Cherish the one who has chosen you, the one who loves you not for the experiences or feelings you give them, or the things you say or do, but for the very person you are – authentic, captivating, and unique.

And Carl and Megan are just one example of this. It’s a gift to not just call them clients, but some of my dearest friends and I can’t WAIT to celebrate one more wedding with them together in just a few weeks….!!!!! ;)