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May 29, 2014

Jessica | Washington Lifestyle Session

One of my very favorite parts about life is the ability to share in friendship. The radical idea that the Lord created us for community and created us to unite together as friends just blows me away. When the Lord brought Jessica into my life, He just blessed me immeasurably more than I ever could of dreamed for in a friend. She understands me, listens to me, prays with me, makes me laugh harder than anyone I know, doesn’t mind 4 am wakeup calls just for the sake of being adventurous, can drink two Dutch Bros at a time just like me, has the brightest fiery red hair that equally matches her personality, and has the cutest little toes in the world. I am just so thankful for her Godly spirit, her little giggle and her wrinkly little nose when she laughs super hard. I just love the way she can talk about anything in the world and do so with poise. Her silly little texts and the way she finds the funniest things well, funny. I love how much she loves Trader Joes frozen limeade just like me, and she can drink a caramel macchiato like it’s going out of style. Blue is her favorite color and it suits her perfectly. She hates the color red and she has the cutest little Fossil wallet. She can only snap with her left hand, just like me, and well, we just don’t even attempt to snap our fingers with our right hand. Whistling isn’t a forte for either of us, it’s more of just a simple “shhhhhh”. Late nights and early mornings we’ve gotten really, really good at, hair dryers must always have diffusers and coffee is a necessary ingredient for an energetic lifestyle. I’m just really so thankful to call her friend. For the way she loves, the way she carries herself, the way she loves the Lord, and the way she serves. <3 thank you for laughing with me about the goofiest things, for texting for me when we’re in the car so I don’t kill us both, and for knowing exactly how I text without me having to remind you (no period, two smiley faces). :)


It was just the greatest privilege in the world to photograph you. To capture your perfect persimmon-colored ringlets and the little freckles that dot your nose. Thank you for letting me photograph you and capture the joy that I have the privilege of being blessed by. Thank you for giving me the greatest honor in getting to watch you grow and mature and become an even more beautiful woman and friend every day. Thank you for constantly encouraging me to seek the Lord’s will and press fully into the Word. Thank you for passionately teaching me the art of eating an Oreo properly and for sharing in the love of deep discussions and the most beautiful painted skies.

I love you dear friend. You can expect me in St. Louis this summer. Xoxoxoxo. <3



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  1. You captured her so perfectly! I laughed so hard when you mentioned her toes…and it’s so true!
    She is so radiant and shines for Jesus. She is a true example of how Jesus loves.
    <3 These are just perfect!