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August 16, 2011

Joe and Stephanie | Winthrop Cottonwood Cottage Wedding | Chelan, WA

Joe & Stephanie’s wedding day was perfect in every way.  From the beginning of the day when the bridesmaids were getting ready to the time Joe and Stephanie headed away after the reception, it was a time of joy and celebration. The Christ-centered moments when both fathers read parts of Scripture, the unity sand, the venue in Winthrop on the river surrounded by cottonwood trees, the theme of sunflowers,  and all the hard work and labor to put together such a special day made this one of the sweetest wedding celebrations I’ve ever attended.   It is very evident that they not only have a deep abiding love for each other, but also for Jesus and for each of their families. Both of us felt so honored to have been part of such a special day.


Joe was so excited to see his bride for the first time…first looks are the BEST part of the day! It’s untouched. . .real love that we get to capture!

Stephanie’s bridesmaids were the sweetest!

Emma and Nicolas, the flower girl and ring bearer, were absolutely adorable.  Hiding their eyes while Stephanie and Joe kissed was priceless!

This was one of the most precious moments of the day…when Joe’s grandma saw him for the first time. The adoration they share for each other and the bond between them is priceless.

I (Emily Joy) shared in this special moment between Stephanie and her dad before the ceremony. His love for his daughter was show through his tears as he was getting ready to walk her down the aisle.

Tthe love he showed for his daughter put butterflies in my heart.

Stephanie’s brother and his mom showed so much love towards each other throughout the day…

Friends from college are always the best!

Venue: Cottonwood Cottage – Winthrop, Washington:  http://www.cottonwood-cottage.com/

  1. Layne says:

    Your amazing, Em!=) Looks Great!

  2. Jana says:

    These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Ann Lee says:

    I adore these photos! I really love the warm tones. I think they balance very well with all the colors. You’re amazing and the wedding party and family are beautiful. Great Job!!! I’m pinning more than a few of these to my pinterest! ;)

  4. Lacey says:

    These are phenomenal! Amazing work! :)

  5. amanda west says:

    These are absolutely breath taking. what a beautiful ceremony, beautiful couple and an absolutely beautiful job capturing it all!! Great job!!!