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September 26, 2011

Justin and Carin // Wenatchee Warm Springs Inn Wedding

We first met Justin and Carin earlier this year at Starbucks to discuss wedding photography. We both were immediately impressed with what gentle and sweet spirits they both had.  Over the course of taking engagement pictures, e-mails, and meeting over coffee the next few months, we realized even more what an amazing couple they are.

I (Kristin) have to admit that I was a bit nervous about taking their wedding pictures. I had checked out Justin’s pictures on facebook and was beyond blown away at his amazing pictures. . .pictures that captured such depth of emotion and some amazing landscape pictures.  I asked him what kind of camera he used while we were taking their engagement pictures and he replied “I no longer have my camera”.  He went on to explain that when he was on his last trip to Africa, he gave it to someone. This is the kind of couple Justin and Carin are. . .they truly care about serving Jesus and putting him first in all they do.  You can see what ministry they are involved in at  http://www.facesforhope.com.

Justin and Carin are just..perfect for each other.

They know they don’t have to impress each other in order to love each other. They don’t love each other in a cheesy, silly way, but in a way that’s selfless and gentle, in a way that respects and honors, and in a way that’s joyful and faithful. They love each other. They cherish each other and they bring out the best in each other.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. True joy filled every moment.  One of my (Kristin’s) favorite parts of the wedding day is being with the groom as he awaits his beautiful bride to see her for the first time that day.  Justin was nervous while giddy with excitement and his expression when he first saw his bride was priceless. We both agree that Justin and Carin have a head start to an amazing marriage that not all couples are blessed with. . .they both come from amazing families.  We both fell in love with their families…from the prayers together before the ceremony, the special time of family toasting after the ceremony, the “sisters initiation dance”, their adorable nieces and nephews. . .and on and on.   And we can honestly say that we’ve never had more fun with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. . .I think it is so important to remember to have fun on your wedding day!  It was such an honor to capture this beautiful day and witness the bond between Justin and Carin. We pray God blesses your marriage abundantly and pray that you will be blessed beyond measure!

Venue: Warm Springs Inn

This was such a spontaneous moment! Carin’s birthday happened to be the day after their wedding and Justin had a little surprise in store for her before their cake cutting. So special!

  1. Tanya Hazen says:

    These are beautiful beautiful photos!! The warmth and emotion is so obvious! Congrats Justin and Carin! Stumbled across this link on Facebook and thought I’d write you a quick congrats! Carin has always been a kind, graceful person to everyone she’s met. I really enjoyed getting to know her in school and I wish you both the very best in your future together. Blessings! :)

  2. tami koch says:

    Just beautiful pictures you captured th families well. It was a beautiful day,