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March 25, 2014

Luke & Ashley | A Winter Proposal

In just two months from today, life will be changing. In a few ways. I’ll be getting a sister for the first time EVER, and my brother will be marrying his WIFE! I’m still kind of trying to wrap my mind around it. Last November, in the most darling fashion, my older brother called to ask if I would be a part of his proposal to Ashley. And of course before he could get his question out, I was fumbling the words, “Yeah, yes, yeah, ok, of course!!!” I just pretty much couldn’t contain my excitement!

We began the day just photographing them together, but completely unbeknownst to Ashley, Luke was carrying the ring. And even though the sun was blazing and it was bitter cold, the day was magical. It was romantic and memorable, and my brother…well, to see my brother proposing was just so odd in itself. But in the greatest way possible. :) I’m so proud of them. Their story is so them, and that’s what I love most about love. Everybody’s story is special, and I am soo proud of them and couldn’t love them more! ¬†Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me watch your relationship grow. I’ll be that girl at the wedding with a box of tissues around my neck like a purse to catch my tears because I’ll be weeping so happily. <3 <3



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  1. Aww! These are so cute! I’m so excited for them!

  2. oh, goodness. these are absolutely stunning. they make me so happy. <3 :)