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January 11, 2012

Luke’s Graduation

What a wonderful time of celebrating Luke’s education (completion of his senior year as well as his AA Transfer degree) and the end of his time being at home. We were all so blessed by everyone who was able to join us in celebrating. . .and thankful Luke didn’t get hypothermia when his buddies threw him in our ice cold pool (I think it was 58 degrees!).  It is now eight months later and I am still trying to absorb that my oldest has graduated from high school and has left home. After staffing all summer with Worldview Academy, he headed to Whitworth Univeristy in Spokane, WA.  He is having a blast!! I am so proud of him and so excite of what God has in store for his life!



**Thank you, Emily, for all the delicious food!!!!


What are friends for?  BRRRRRR. . .

We love you, Georgia!!

**My sweet dad and my nephew, Caleb!!