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January 14, 2012

Fishing in Blue Ridge// Flashback Friday

As I mentioned on Day 6, we travelled to Georgia. We stayed in Blue Ridge for the majority of the time at a cabin that was literally out in the middle of nowhere. I oftentimes tell people that we live out in the middle of nowhere, but this was truly out in the middle of nowhere! :)  The directions were literally. . .go down a dirt road until you see a the road veer slightly to the left, take the left, go up the hill, go down the hill, go another couple miles, then go up a hill until you come to sharp corner, go across the wooden bridge (scary), around a sharp corner to the left and up a steep hill. . .it seriously went on like this for what seemed to be an eternity. The first time we drove it, it probably took us 25 minutes. By the end of the week, the poor rental mini-van was quite used to getting us there in less than 15 minutes. Thank heavens no one got car sick!  Our house was beautiful and the solitude was just what we needed. The boys loved fishing down below the house, going for walks, playing games and starting fires on the porch. I loved the quietness, but I now know I’d never truly want to live in the middle of nowhere! :)