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July 13, 2015

Roasted Garlic + Spinach Eggs | In My Home

Ok…the truth is out. I love food. And so does my husband. And well, even more than that…we love just being together and usually our quality time consists of time around the kitchen table. It’s the place where we re-group. Where we hash out the not-fun-budget-talks and where we sketch out designs for our backyard. It’s where we sit and reminisce and laugh about little memories. But even more than that, it’s the place where we’re able to escape everything in this life and just be present.

And that’s what I love most about the kitchen table. It’s the place where everyone gathers, where everyone comes together to be. So I’m inviting you into our home. It’s not fancy. Nine times out of ten, there will probably be a pan soaking in the sink from a previous kitchen venture, and there will be slightly wrinkling clothes in the dryer. You’ll open the freezer to find bags of frozen fruit because well…that’s a love of mine. And generally every night around 9pm, you’ll find my husband and I curled up watching a movie on Netflix eating our nightly bowls of homemade granola with…you guessed it, frozen fruit.

Really, we are just so excited for this opportunity to gather together. To learn and grow and share recipes, details of the inside of our little bungalow we call home, and maybe a few garden tips too. ;) Be sure to follow along on Instagram // @emilymoller_ // to catch the latest!

And to kick off this series the right way…we’re going to spice things up with something so traditional, with a jazzed up spin! Ever woken up with a craving for some spicy jalapeno, roasted garlic and spinach eggs!? It’s a winner every morning around here! Add a little ketchup and I’d say it’s precisely perfect! Head to Trader Joes and pick up their spicy jalapeno chicken sausage and some organic baby spinach leaves. Toss together in the pan and pour some eggs over and scramble for a few minutes!

Serve it up with some fresh guava juice and homemade GF Cinnamon + Goji Berry Granola!!! Can’t wait to share THAT recipe with you!




  1. emily! this post is so lovely and fun!