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June 26, 2012

Samuel James // Wenatchee Home Birth Photographer

I can honestly say that there is no greater honor than being asked to take pictures of  a baby taking his/her first breath.  When Erin contacted me via facebook about coming and taking pictures at their home delivery, I literally screamed outloud. . .you can ask my mom and dad as they were sitting in the same room when I read the message! :)  I prayed that it would work into my already busy schedule and that I would make it to Wenatchee in time as it is an hour drive. I really wanted to be there as (this makes me sound really old!!) I held Adam (the daddy) the day he came home from the hospital. . .how many years ago was that? :)   Well, I got a text at 6:00 a.m. saying it was time, so I quickly got ready for the day, grabbed my gear and headed out.  The hour drive seemed to take forever as I just wanted to be there.  But, as with any labor/delivery, there is no telling when baby will make his/her entrance into the world.  So by the time I arrived things weren’t progressing as anticipated.  So we went for walk, came back and still not much change.  In my next post, I will share that I left for a few hours in order to be with my friend as she had flown in from NYC to have a memorial service for her unborn baby.  It was quite a paradox.  I attended the service with my dear friend, Kristen, and then headed back to Erin and Adam’s for the birth of their precious baby.  Things had definitely progressed while I was gone and they were ready for the midwife to arrive.  Things progressed beautifully.  Erin was made for labor. . .I’ve been blessed to be in quite a few labor/deliveries and I can say that Erin is AMAZING.  I had two home births myself and I know I wasn’t as sweet and kind as she was! :)  Everything about this birth was special, but the unknown of whether it was a boy or girl made the anticipation even greater.  Samuel Charles James arrived and tears were shed! I just kept clicking the shutter hoping I got a good shot as my eyes were blurry through the tears.  He couldn’t have been born into a more awesome family. . .I look forward to watching him grow up along with Grace, Ben and Noelle! Congratulations, Adam and Erin!!


  1. Jana Long says:

    I am dying to photograph a birth! this is amazing! My favorite photo from this series – the dad with the cell in hand looking extremely OVERJOYED and full of happiness that his little babe is born! so awesome!!!!!!

  2. Wow! As a mama of 5, this brought tears to my eyes! I never had a home-birth, but think they are very cool. LOVE the baby’s wrinkly lil fingers, and Dad looked so happy on the phone telling the good news. The photos of mama & baby are tooooo sweet!

  3. Dzhan Wiley says:

    Thank you for this gorgeous documentation of a gorgeous birth. I will forever be grateful to have been there. I am now also so grateful to have such lovely artwork of the time shared. Blessings to you.

  4. Verginia Thomas says:

    Oh my. What a treasure to have this incredible experience captured so, forever! What a gift.