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January 6, 2014

Something old, something new….here’s to 2014!

If you’re a frequent follower of Lifesong Photography whether through our Facebook page or here, welcome back :)

If you’re a new reader and it’s your first time ever here, we welcome you with wide open arms!

2013 was a year full of wedding bells, first dances, sunshine days, love letters, chocolate,  and a whole lot of prayer. Things beyond my wildest dreams came true, traveling across the west coast for weeks to learn things I thought I already knew (HA!), and shoot weddings of couples in love who I fell in love with too (you know what I mean). ;) In all honesty, I thought 2013 was a great year, but the second the clock struck 12 on the 1st of this year, I just knew that this year will be filled with MORE.

More love.

More grace.

More passion.

More learning.

More forgiveness.

More spontaneous coffee dates.

More “I love you’s” just because.

More prayer.

More phone calls just to catch up.



That’s what this year will be. Maybe it’s four extra bowls of cereal you weren’t planning on eating. Maybe it’ll be more talking for you introverts out there (I sense hand raising). Perhaps it will be more reading for those creative-I’d-rather-watch-a-movie people. But perhaps it will be showing more love.

And that’s what I encourage of you. We can keep each other accountable, because I really kind of suck at keeping up with social media (I know right, who would have thought?) So, in that sense of things. I am just beyond tickled and so excited to be launching a few new categories for the meek, and for the almost married.

Take a peek below and tune in on these specific days if they relate to you, or just tune in every day to keep up on our lives!


Emily <3

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