Feel free to cozy up with your favorite beverage (if you're like me, then maybe it's an espresso over ice with a splash of cream, or a warm matcha latte if it's cold outside!) and stay awhile. This is my place to share not just beautiful weddings or sessions, but to share my life. My hope is through this, you'll get to know a bit more about me and all the beautiful people that make it worth living! 


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Springtime Fruit Infused Waters | In My Home

If you’re anything like me, you love ALL fruits. And if you’re also like me, you like to drink water, but probably don’t drink enough and should drink more. ;) I even have a cute The Mason Bar Company jar  thinking it would help me drink more water! It was a few years ago that […]

April 6, 2016


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Cultivating the Heart of a Wife with Katelyn James | Delight Marriage Intensive

I don’t even know where to begin! Maybe at the beginning? Not the beginning, beginning…of Delight, but at the foundation of this unique intensive and how it even happened!! It was quite a few months ago when a few of us started brainstorming ideas for a retreat about being intentional as a woman and after prayer and […]

February 16, 2016


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Shamrock Shake | St. Patricks Day

In lieu of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s only fitting to be eating green, dressing green, and celebrating all things green. So the day started out just perfect with this metabolism booster! Because after all, green is good. And I feel better about myself when I’m fueling myself with proper nutrition that tastes good and does […]

March 17, 2014

Food, Lifestyle

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