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August 4, 2015

The Johnson Family | Lake Chelan Lifestyle Portraits

I’m going to invite you into the very setting in which I’m writing this. I’m currently sitting at Starbucks and their air conditioning must be set to prepare me for an Artic excursion because the goosebumps have not left since I arrived. There’s a buzz. People are wrapped up completely in their current situation, or at least it’s how it seems. One coffee order here, a tea order there, an Oprah chai and a coffee frappe.

It’s not the place to be for someone who is avoiding drinks like this completely. But for some reason, Starbucks seems to  be a place where I can put earphones in and completely be in tune with words. For some reason the buzz of the world seems quiet. It’s like I’m a fly on the wall. I’m wishing with all my heart I could take a little airplane back to the night I got to spend with the Johnson family. I don’t remember the exact year or time I was introduced to Katherine. I know it was a number of years ago when we met at a church service, and never really “kept” in touch, until recently. Katherine and Jeff got married shortly before I met her, and I know it was before little Ellie arrived.

Looking back, it’s crazy to see how God ordained everything and has continued to with His timing. It was absolutely no coincidence when my mom called me while I was boarding a flight up to Lake Chelan for the one year anniversary of the Carlton Complex Fire to tell me she was taking photos that evening of their family. I said, “I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I’ll drop my bags and meet you wherever you are, if you’re still taking their pictures.” I’m not sure what happened, other than my flights were WAY shorter than they were supposed to be, I got back to my parents way ahead of my initial plans, when it was His plan all along. I met up with the Johnson’s and my mom near Alta Lake, where the lighting was less than pleasant. The sun was fighting to come out all day, and I whispered prayer after prayer while I was taking these photos for the sun to peek out even for a minute.

One step into the field, and the sun broke through the clouds so suddenly. It didn’t go away, either. For the remainder of the shoot, the sun shone so brightly. You’re probably thinking, “yeah? So? The sun came out. Big deal.”

The big deal is this. Little Arabella. She’s a really, really big deal. And Jesus knows it completely. He’s cradling her and holding her and writing the most beautiful novel and painting a tapestry beyond all compare through the testimony of this little bundle. Katherine and Jeff found out into her pregnancy that Arabella’s life may be short here on earth. So when the sun broke through the clouds and let out a sun flare over Katherine’s belly in every photo, it was like a glimmer of hope and that this story and this season is bigger than we see.

I’ve watched through her flinchless faith, Katherine draw near Jesus in a way  I strive for. Her and Jeff have walked this walk and fought this fight without doubt and they are the sweetest parents you will ever meet. I’m asking you to join me especially, this week, in prayer over the Johnson family. Specifically in the next few days, as Katherine and Jeff prepare for Arabella’s birth this weekend.

Would you pray for the following specifically?

1) For strength  and faith to be stronger than ever. That hearts would receive Jesus and meet Him in new and unexpected ways.

2) For the hands of the physicians who cradle Arabella as she enters this world, but more importantly that Arabella would be in the hands of the Great Physician. We know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer and we are praying His hands of healing over Arabella, that her life here on earth would be multiplied in numbers we can’t imagine.

3) That Arabella’s body is filled with a strength from Jesus to fight the “abnormalities”. That we would be reminded that situations which are “unexpected” are already and have been expected by Him all along. We know and trust and believe completely He has ordained these last 9 months of Arabella’s life and we know, trust, and believe that whether her life here on earth is days, months, or 90 years, we pray that faith is strengthened and Arabella’s story is used to further His Kingdom and bind up nations.

4) For energy, healing, and strength over Jeff, Katherine, and Ellie. Praying specifically for rest over Jeff these next few days as he stands by Katherine’s side through labor and walks with her through Arabella’s birth. For strength and energy over Katherine’s body. That labor is short and Arabella’s birth blows away everyone in the hospital by the beauty of it. We pray that just as the sun flare broke out through the clouds, we pray for a hedge of protection over Katherine’s delivery room. For the doctors that come in and out of the door, that those who enter wouldn’t leave the same.

Again, friends, we just thank you. Thank you for your prayers over Jeff, Katherine, Ellie, and Arabella. And if you’ve been blessed by their family as much as I have, leave a little love in the comments!!! <3

Jeff, Katherine, Ellie, and Arabella, thank you for touching my life in a way I will never be able to say through words. Your faith inspires me and blesses me more than you know. I am so proud to walk through this life knowing you.