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September 30, 2015

Today’s a Pretty Special Day…| From My Heart

I remember the morning of September 30, 1999 like it was yesterday.

I was wearing my favorite pajamas and was whisked away to watch the Flinstones with my older brother in the basement. I didn’t really understand what was going on, other than “mommy’s going to have a baby”. I remember the door to their bedroom being cracked open ever so slightly, just so I could hear the quiet labor moans while I toasted sourdough bread for breakfast. I was just shy of five years old and I knew I really needed to step up my game, being a new big sister and all.

I remember when we were called back upstairs and could go into the bedroom. It seemed like hours before we were allowed to, but when I saw him for the very first time, I knew he was so very special.

All growing up, he followed me around and I remember one Christmas in particular, he wore this hot pink beanie of mine around and wouldn’t take it offHe kept saying he wanted to be just like me when he grew up. I remember a short time after that when he was potty training, and how I spent hours in the bathroom with him encouraging him to just well…you know. And when I say hours, it was hours. I remember laughing harder than I ever have since at the red ring he developed around his bum. That was the definitive time where his stubbornness really shone through ;)

He’s always been a ladies man, from his head of curly hair to his ridiculous musical abilities. I’ve never met anyone other than my husband who can eat as many eggs for breakfast, or seen someone overcome trials with incredible victory. I’ve watched him grow up and in more ways than one, I have an incredible respect for him.

I remember one of the most difficult days of his growing up more clearly than other memories. It wasn’t too long after he was born…ok, maybe he was two or three. We were having fall school photos done. I had my very favorite pair of denim overalls on, complete with a sky blue button henley. He had on the cutest outfit ever, and his curly hair was just starting to become noticeable. He had a twinkle in his eyes and the most contagious little smile. He was well, picture perfect. It wasn’t until his photo was being taken and he took one too many steps backwards before life flashed before our eyes and he was out of sight. He’d fallen eleven feet off a deck onto  jagged rocks. It was almost as if time stopped. I remember all the appointments following his accident to make sure he would be okay. I remember all he used to say was, “I’m a miracle boy.” And he’s always been just that.

From finding out he was blind in one eye at the age of eight, to looking like the coolest eight year old pirate with his eye patch there ever was. From having no desire to play the piano, only to blow entire communities away with his unmatchable harmonica skills. He’s never been afraid to be unique, be brave, and really, be bold.

In the summer of 2014, in a matter of days he watched his entire hometown community go up in flames and he broke his leg. He spent his entire summer hobbling around with crutches, giving over 374 of his hours to community service. He gave up everything he wanted in order to be love. He’s not only one of the strongest, bravest, boldest, most courageous men I know, but he’s also one of the funniest. You’ll never walk out of the room frowning when he’s around.

Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit we had a few years where “the little brother” and I didn’t really have a bond. But let’s be honest, I was just in a serious state of puberty! He’s become one of my very best friends, one that I trust with anything, and one who I respect more than words. He’s encouraged me and walked faithfully by my side, he’s felt my pain and he’s spent hours on the pavement running right next to me. He’s got the coolest bedroom and fashion sense, and sometimes I try to copy him just because he’s that cool. He’s an inspiration to everyone he meets, but I can say with full assurance and belief that he absolutely has the heart he does and the boldness he portrays because of the faith he carries. He has faith like a lion. He’s steady and sure and believes without a single doubt in his mind that his life is not his own. He speaks truth in love, and he loves without borders. He is one of the biggest examples of loving like Jesus that I have ever known, and I am absolutely the proudest big sister, but with him, sometimes I feel like the little sister. Often times he knows me better than I know myself. If you get the chance to even spend ten minutes with him, I can guarantee you’ll be so blessed.

I love you more than you will ever know and I can’t wait to have you take me out for a spin, cause well…sixteen is a pretty fabulous age to be :) But let’s be honest, you’re sixteen going on 35. Wish with all my heart we could be together today and be dorks together and make scrambled eggs and smoothies, go for a run and find cool furniture to refurbish. :) Thanks for being one of my very best friends. Happy birthday, Isaac. You’re fantastic!


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