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September 10, 2013

Watch and see // A momma’s heart

This is the first of many posts where I’ll be sharing my momma’s heart.  Being a momma is NOT easy. . .we often question whether we are “doing it right”. Yes, we are providing them with clothing, shelter & food. We are doing our best to teach them by example, teach them about God, manners, how to treat each other with kindness, etc.   But what are we doing to expose them to experiences that might help shape their future? Are we trying to see what “makes them tick?” Are we willing to let go of our own personal expectations?

I believe with all my heart that each child is so unique. . .that each child has a set of gifts, talents and unique abilities that God has blessed them with.

We really need to listen to our child and their heart . . .see what they are passionate about, what motivates them, what they keep going back to even when they aren’t asked to.   As a mom, the one thing I have always felt strongly about is finding the gifts that God has given each of our children individually and allowing them to pursue those gifts.

It has been apparent since Isaac was little that he loved music. Out of our four kiddos, Isaac was the first to talk in full sentences and ALWAYS seemed to be humming!   I remember him grabbing a chair and putting it in the middle of a group of women at a baby shower. . .he proceeded to stand on top of the chair and sang the entire rendition of “God Bless America” from beginning to end. . .he was 2!  I should have known then that he’d have a desire to pursue music. . .I just had no idea it would be in the form of a harmonica!

Isaac has been so incredibly blessed to play with The Wicks, Bradford Loomis and most recently, Brogan!  Brogan is an AMAZING musician.  I’ve known him since he was barely walking.  For years, we couldn’t wait for the piano recitals as Brogan was always the hit of the night!  He has a truly amazing God given talent and gift and I am thankful for Isaac to have had the opportunity this summer to hang out with him & jam!  I have no idea what God has in store for Isaac with music in his future, but for now it sure is fun listening to him play.  From hymns and praise songs to the Civil Wars and  Johnny Cash. . .I love it all whether he is playing on his harmonica, mandolin or guitar!

If you are a momma, I challenge you to start watching faithfully to the things that your child is drawn to. . .does he like to take things apart, does she love to dance around when music comes on, does he love going to antique stores and look at books, does she love to open up and smell the spices in the kitchen drawer. . . .these little things that they seem to gravitate towards may show you what a taste of what might be part of their future! :)

  1. Sarah says:

    So true. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Love the beautiful pics. I love your son’s style too. So adorable. :)