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January 7, 2014

What’s all the hang up? // Tuesday Tips

You’re here! You’ve made it to the place full of sparkle and glitter, chiffon and lace! Ok, maybe we’ll share a bit about how the groom can prepare for your wedding day too, but we all know the sparkle is what’s fun!

Tuesday Tips is a place for you to tune in, check out some great vendors, and wish the internet made a scratch and sniff for the extravagant bouquets and luxurious dinners.

This week, I’m just absolutely giddy to share with you something so important, and something so often forgotten. On a wedding day, as a photographer, some of our first photos will be of your dress. While you’re getting your makeup applied or hair done, we’ll be out photographing your dress! However, no one ever said anything about how your dress should hang. So, what’s all the hang up?

It’s becoming the latest trend, but hangers are SO important! Your dress won’t just hang better, but a classic wood hanger will look that much better compared to a small plastic one!

The best part of all? Some of my favorite people have an Etsy shop where you can order hangers custom made for you, your bridesmaids, and anyone else who may need one. You can choose from custom colored metals, and have your dress hang with confidence on your special day!

Over on their website and on their Etsy shop,  Justin and Keary are handmaking things for your home, for your heart, and EVEN for your wedding day!


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