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September 22, 2017

Zack & Lexi | Jacquot Vineyards Fall Engagement Session

I couldn’t tell you exactly when it was, but sometime this year I remember posting a photo to Instagram of a latte from Old Town Battle Grounds, one of the sweetest local coffee shops. It was shortly after that that I connected with oh, one of the coolest new moms in the area, and found out her brother was getting MARRIED!! I think it’s safe to say that with everything in me I wanted to photograph Zack and Lexi’s wedding, because they’re some of the coolest people EVER!!! I just had to share a little peek into their engagement session today, because TOMORROW is their wedding day!!! Today is the first official day of my very favorite season, so I’m ringing it in with a cozy chunky knit scarf and a warm mug of my favorite ginger peach tea, and having ALL the warm fuzzy feelings editing the past few weddings for the sweetest clients and blogging THIS session that I’ve been dying to share.

We met up just a few weeks ago when I called Lexi and said, “The leaves are changing colors and it’s not supposed to rain!” so we met at one of my favorite parks of all places (right!?). And you wouldn’t know it from how romantic these two are in the photos, but there were moments of “Oh shoot!!!!” when I asked these two to step back just slightly, not knowing it would be right.into.a.BEEHIVE!!! Ahh!! Oh I was mortified you guys!! But these two shook it off (literally, like two dozen bees), with so much grace and watching the way Zack cared for Lexi aaaalmost made me cry. These two are the real deal. I am SO EXCITED to celebrate them tomorrow at their gorgeous fall wedding!!! Stay tuned for what I can guarantee will be the prettiest photos you’ll see all week :) But for now, enjoy this little peek into these two and their story!! <3

Portland Fall Engagement Session, Portland Engagement Photographer, Vancouver Engagement Photography

Portland Fall Engagement Session, Portland Engagement Photographer, Vancouver Engagement Photography