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August 28, 2014

Gerry + Pamela | Cave B Inn Vineyard and Estate

If I could write a love story, these two would be the main characters. No doubt about it. Five thousand miles couldn’t keep these two from loving each other, across continents and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of pages of writing back and forth and all-night Skype conversations in two completely opposite time zones served as their means of communication. It’s what you may call an international love story but it is completely obvious to every single person that these two are better together. They are well, incredible.

These two were married in May in Germany, Gerry’s home country where he still currently lives. Buuuuut…they just HAD to have the American wedding too! So for Pamela, she got to dress up as a princess not just once, but twice, to marry the man of her dreams in two different countries! Long distance couldn’t keep these two apart. So family from Germany made the trek across the world to the most tranquil estate nestled in what I like to call the Grand Canyon of Washington at Cave B Inn. On top of a rooftop with a view for miles, these two shared the most emotional, powerful vows I’ve ever heard. And the best part? Gerry memorized his. He’s Pamela’s Prince Charming. And oh my word, the way he loves her. He cares for her in the most tender, passionate way.

They were so ridiculously romantic….that there will be a part two of this trans-Atlantic love story coming to the blog later this week! You really don’t want to miss it. I mean, it’s this stunning couple paired with a golden hour glow that’s unlike any I’ve ever seen! Holy moly I’m so excited to share them! Ahhhhhhh. I just wish I could press a button to repeat this wedding day over and over…that’s how incredible it was!

Pam & Gerry, I am so excited for you two. For you to begin your lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Glatz. I can’t wait to come visit you in Germany ;)





I mean, it’s about as close to getting married on top of the world as it gets. The view was incredible!


Ok…I just have to tell the story behind this photo. In a casual way, I asked Gerry to put his hands in his pockets and Pam did the same….but little did Gerry know her dress had pockets. His reaction is priceless! <3

When I walked in the reception area to photograph it, I just died! It’s SO beautiful!! I love the details and how exotic the atmosphere was. Aren’t those lights the coolest!?


Ummm……seriously these two. They are so stinking romantic!



I can’t wait to share part II of Gerry and Pam’s golden hour sunset shoot, but here’s a little teaser for now! <3


  1. Greg Guest says:

    Awesome. Ausgezeichnet!

    A very handsome couple.