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August 26, 2014

Mouthwash, Teddy Bears & Lingerie? {Pateros Fire Aftermath}

What do half empty bottles of used hotel-sized mouthwash, a doll with an eye missing, a teddy bear with poop smeared on it, and used lingerie have in common? They were all items donated to the Pateros Relief center. I am writing this as I came home Saturday from volunteering a little bit tired and a lot of bit frustrated. Don’t get me wrong. I am so blown away by the outpouring of love and the amazing things donated. But people should NOT be using this to be a place to throw away garbage or things that other donation places will not take! This is just creating more issues for volunteers to have to sort through things to throw away.

I am so amazed by such incredible people who have given of their time & pouring their energy and efforts into the relief efforts in Pateros. And the new Relief Center is looking amazing as shown on the previous post!! It is going to be a wonderful place for people who lost their homes to come and find supplies, used clothing, etc.

But. . .I sat in bed on Saturday night and wondered how I would feel if I had lost my home. I know that I am personally weary and worn out from the stress of the past month. I can’t even begin to imagine having lost my home. I have many friends who lost everything they owned and my heart just aches for them.

I have been working on a project and would like your help. I have many ideas, but the first one is making the ladies who lost their homes feel pampered. I realize that some have insurance that is going to cover their losses. And I totally find it incredible that they are able to get things they “need” at the relief center. But, what about their hearts? Their emotions? Letting them know that we care about them.

As you scroll through these images of people sifting through the remains of their homes, ask yourself? What would you need or even want if you were in their shoes? I have seen husbands and wives processing this at different stages.  It is a grieving process.  Many are suffering from PTSD. So why not a night away in a motel for a “date night”?  Movie tickets? A gift certificate to go out to dinner.  I would love to give them things that allow them to feel a sense of “normal” and even fun for a day!

If you read this and you have a heart that wants to love on these amazing women who have lost their home, please email me at letmylifesing@gmail.com. I have the first project I am working on that needs to be completed by September 12th!


  1. Deb Harder says:

    Are there children whose homes burned down who will need winter clothing?

  2. jim says:

    What is needed, where? I have some clothing, maybe a coat or two and I have some tarping. What family can we help?