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April 30, 2012

Skye {Work of Heart Photography}

I (Kristin) started “30 days of Reflection” back in January!  My goal was to write a blog post on 30 different events/people/places that impacted me in 2011. I had every intention of completing all 30 days before the busyness of wedding season, but now my goal is to finish all 30 days before December 31, 2012!

When I heard that Skye of Work of Heart Photography was going to be at For the Love Workshop last October, I knew it was the year I just had to make it work! I always had stars in my eyes. . .I think Skye has been the one children’s photographer I have idolized since I first started pursing photography.   As my dad always says about someone well-known, “they put their pants on, one leg at time. . .just like the rest of us do”.  But, you should really check out Skye’s work at www.workofheartphoto.com or her newest site http://reveriemine.com/.  You will see why I adore her work!

Well, I came to adore her as a person as well. Skye is very thoughtful and detailed which I appreciate. One of the highlights of my time at FTL was our session with Skye where she set up stations with the most adorable children with the coolest props ever. I can’t wait to start incorporating some of the things I learned into sessions in the future! I also loved hearing her talk about the introverted/extroverted nature of children, the time of worshipping together, spending time with her precious son playing angry birds, etc.  As much as I loved these times, the best was sitting and talking about something even more important to us than photography. . .homeschooling. It was refreshing for me to see her balancing a very successful amazing career and homeschooling at the same time.  I know the struggles and how difficult it is to balance it all, so it was encouraging for me to find another homeschool mom who understands the dynamics on a day to day basis. I think one of the highlights of the trip for me was sitting around the breakfast table with Skye, Gary and Emily one morning. . .it was a much needed conversation that I think back upon often.  Thank you, Skye & Gary, for touching my life in ways that you don’t even realize. . .

In January, Skye and her son, joined our family at Legoland.  Ethan still talks about our time with Isaiah. . .he can’t wait for them to come visit someday!  I feel so blessed to have had time getting to know Skye and her beautiful family and look forward to more times together in the future!



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