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January 28, 2015

He pursued my heart and my heart just about burst! || Becoming Mrs. M, pt. ||

So you’re probably wondering what happened the following Friday, but before I get there…let’s just make sure we’re all curled up with chunky blankets and big mugs of tea! (Also, for those of you who haven’t invested in a heated blanket, you should. You’re welcome. #tipoftheday #nathansaysimalwayscold #hes’right)

I did have screenshots of our phone calls, documenting the length of our conversations, just because I simply didn’t believe it was real life. Nathan Moller was talking to me on the phone. I was just overwhelmed and so ridiculously filled with joy and excitement. Every text that would come through, I’d light up with the biggest smile. On the following Friday (uh, yes, the one following the wedding), Nathan and I were casually talking about the weekend and plans. I remember him briefly mentioning something about watching movies together. I laughed, saying that would be impossible. Apparently he wasn’t joking, or there was miscommunication or a misunderstanding, but all I remember is that by Friday at midnight, I was vacuuming my house in preparation for him to arrive the next day. I couldn’t believe it. I’m pretty sure my thoughts were something like this, “There’s no way. What. Six hours, him? I just saw him like a week ago. He’s coming BACK to see ME!? This isn’t real life.” So when he pulled in the driveway just a few hours later, I was just in awe. But remember…I was trusting. It was so out of my control and beyond my dreams that I just ultimately could trust. And there was so much peace in that. Not my plans, but His.

Nathan spent the weekend at my house and we enjoyed the beautiful June weather out by my pool. We would talk for hours in person, instead of on the phone ;) We took long walks as the sun set down to my favorite spot on the river and flirted and had our toes in the sand. We laughed so much together and just enjoyed being with each other. We made yummy breakfasts with lots of avocado, because that’s my favorite. And when Sunday afternoon came, I didn’t want him to leave. I suddenly felt myself wanting to be with him every moment. So when we awkwardly barely side-hugged before he got in his car to drive allllll the way home, I wiped away the smallest little tear (ok, let’s be honest it was more than just one, and they were probably more like salty crocodile drops).

When he left, the phone calls just came more frequently and the amount of time increased. Thank goodness we were both on the same phone carrier, because I’m pretty sure the Verizon bill would have been through the roof. Ha! We talked on the phone every night at about 9pm for at least an hour. It seemed to just become “normal”. A pattern.

Our schedules were different you see…he was full time in school, in the last few quarters of the hardest four years of Chiropractic school, putting in an immense amount of work, and in between hours of finals and days at the clinic seeing patients, he continued to pursue me. He continued to make time in his schedule to get to know me and make me a priority. And my days were filled with 7 am till 5pm at Chelan Fresh Marketing and evenings were spent editing weddings of beautiful clients. My weekends were filled with documenting the sweetest wedding days. I’m pretty sure Nathan and I both lacked in the sleep department because we’d stay up until the frogs stopped croaking outside and the stars were fading into morning (ok, I’m probably exaggerating, but 2+ hours on the phone is a long time!).

And just a few short weeks later…I was by his side again viewing the most dazzling firework show in the sky and well…in my emotions too ;) but you’ll have to come back for that story!



  1. marcia says:

    EEP. EEP. this story is already the absolute cutest!! i cannot wait for the next part. :)

  2. Allie says:

    Loved pt. 2! Can’t wait for pt. 3 already! :)