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August 23, 2014

Pateros MARC {Multi-Agency Resource Center} Fire Aftermath

The MARC that is located in the old Pateros grocery store is up and running. It has been absolutely amazing to watch it all come together. It is a work-in-progress & so incredible to see day by day the hard work paying off. You will see regular faces who are there day after day. . .I’m truly blown away by their big hearts. And groups coming to help. Yesterday, Western Washington University brought their entire volleyball team! And last weekend a group from True Hope Church in Spokane came and helped all day on Saturday. It truly is team work and it is beautiful to watch needs being met, friendships being made and the community joining together.

Heather Carrington (one of the most amazing volunteers ever!!) said “Immediate needs of food, water and clothing, along with generators loaned by citizens, have come in abundance. We are now moving into the stage of providing these items over the months to come, with seasonal items to be brought out as summer turns to fall and winter.” In the future, as victims begin to rebuild their lives, other donations of building supplies, furniture, and financial assistance will be sought. Emotional counseling will be a need for many victims as well. “Having lived through a previous loss to fire, I know all too well the ache that victims will live with in the future; I just had to help.”

I asked Heather this morning what the immediate needs are, so here is a list!

#1–Paper Towels
#2–Hand Tools (Hammers, Screw Drivers, Wire Cutters, Staple Guns)
#4–Post Hole Diggers
#6–Nails & Screws

They will also be needing volunteers on a daily basis! If you show up, they will put you to work!! :)