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September 16, 2015

Wagner Family | Lake Chelan Lifestyle Photography

It was in July of 2014 that I photographed one of my favorite weddings to date. I’m not sure if it was the gorgeous setting and perfect weather, or the kindest, most genuine family…or a combination of all those things. I absolutely fell in love with Paul + Maggie (view their wedding here!) and their entire family. If you ever need an excuse to witness the most contagious joy and be surrounded by the most genuine souls…let me know and I’ll hook you up with them ;) I absolutely ADORE all of them, so when Maggie’s sister-in-law emailed me, saying they would be in the area for family photos this year, I just KNEW I needed to make time for it!!! They are wanting to save these photos for Christmas cards…but I just had to share a few here, before they share the rest later!!! ;) They’re just too fun!

After moving to Camas, traveling back to Chelan requires a little bit more thought and preparation, but it just so happened to be that we were both in the area at the exact same time! I couldn’t have been more excited to hug their precious girls and adventure with them! We woke up on Sunday morning to gray skies that were taunting with their billowy gray hue and I thought we’d have to postpone from rain…but it held out just long enough for us to capture my favorite family photos I have ever taken! These girls have stolen my heart with their sweet white dresses and dainty flower crowns…and their parents! Oh my gosh! Have you ever seen a more beautiful couple, OR family!?

Michael + Danielle, Brookelynn and Reese,

I love you guys! Thank you a million times for laughing at me while I ran around with a giant fish balloon, for adventuring onto the abandoned lot by the lake and running up and down Tuscan-style roads, and most of all…thank you for blessing me with your friendship this last year! I cannot wait to see you guys again! Give your girls lots of kisses and hugs from me!!!



Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0000Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0001Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0002Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0003Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0004Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0005Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0006Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0007

This next series is one of my favorites ever. She kissed her mama and her reaction? Priceless. “Mama, you have leeeeepstick!!”

Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0008Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0009Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0010Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0011Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0012Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0013Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0014Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0015Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0016Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0017Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0018Wagner Family | Lifesong Photography_0019

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