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September 20, 2015

Going Big | From My Heart

I’m writing this post while sitting on my living room floor after a day of complete spontaneity. No joke.

I woke up this morning to send my husband off for a morning of yard work, and proceeded to spend some time in prayer while multi tasking and steam mopping my hardwood floors, rearranging the living room furniture, changing loads of laundry and washing apples for applesauce.

Then it was around 10:30 am that I had this feeling I needed to just check my email, I really don’t know why. So I did. I had this email come through from a random person asking for my husband and I to jaunt down to Jamison Square in Portland around 1pm to model for Jasmine Star at the CreativeLive (#photoweek2015) experience!

Ok, so here’s the real story. I’ve been praying faithfully for over a month and a half now for direction with Lifesong Photography. For big things to happen if that was His will. For Him to clearly and deliberately place opportunities in front of me and make the way known to me, whether I should go for it or well, not. I prayed specifically for contentment no matter the circumstances of Lifesong Photography, the circumstances of my husband’s and my finances, the circumstances of our home. I prayed faithfully and continually for rest, peace, clarity, and the ability to know when He speaking directly to me.

A week and a half ago, my husband and I had some unexpected financial circumstances and well…the next day we received a bill, and within hours, a check that matched the bill within CENTS. It was like God just whispering, “See? I got you. Just rest.” 

I really didn’t know what the direction of Lifesong Photography was to be, but I’ve immersed myself in learning. In trusting the transition of uprooting and moving to the Portland area after living in Lake Chelan. I didn’t know what in the world was going to happen with my business, and every single day when I find myself in moments of doubt and worry, anxiety and nerves over when the next shoot is coming or the next inquiry for a wedding, doors open.

Like today.

I’ve always been a person to anticipate the what’s nextBut I’ve also always been a person to wait until I feel it’s the “right” time instead of just GOING BIG and going for it.

So this morning at 10:42, I called my husband and probably subtracted some years from his life, or at least accidentally prematurely aged him because I was so out of breath, “Babe!!! I’ve been praying faithfully for God to reveal things to me and provide big opportunities, beyond my wildest imagination and prayers, and for me to not waver or question or doubt. AND GUESS WHAT. You need to come home and change if you can because we have to go over to Portland and model!” 

Guys, let me just tell you a little bit about my husband…he’s absolutely the kindest, most patient, gentle man I have EVER met.

Like today, when we were minutes away from the CreativeLive experience, crossing the bridge across the Columbia into Portland, when the teensiest little fender bender put a bump in the road and some scratches on several cars that I was reminded yet again of the symbolism that no matter what road blocks or things that come between us and GOING BIG, they are never big enough to stop what He has in store.

They may seem like it, they may take some extra $$$ and time to recover from, but when He has great things in store and you are living faithfully and obediently and intuitively to His voice and direction, He will provide. Always.

So here I am, six hours later and a full, full heart of overwhelming blessing, sitting on the living room floor with my hair in a bun and a warm pan of granola in the oven, abundantly grateful for the moments, the experiences, the opportunities, and the environments that He always, always uses for good for those who chase after Him. I’m learning to savor in every experience, soak up every opportunity and share every story of His incredible provision and grace.

What a privilege and honor it is to be under the covering of the King and trust in His precious will and chase after it. I can say this, when you are faithful in seeking what He desires for you, you will never, ever grow faint or weary. Well, in your flesh, yes. I’ve never been more exhausted in my life, but I’ve never ever been so full.

So grab a glass or clink your mug against mine and here’s a cheers to GOING BIG and chasing after the things that are beyond your dreams.

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Photo Credit : The beautiful Jasmine Star!

Location : Jamison Square | Portland OR

Experience : CreativeLive | #photoweek2015

Outfits : H&M | Target | Rich & Skinny | Sperry Top Sider | Bandolino

Hair : Nico Bella Salon | Camas, WA

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  1. Kate says:

    Wow Emily!!! This is such a beautifully written testimony of God’s incredible goodness! Love it!!!!

  2. Liz moran says:

    When i read your post, i had to commrnt, which i rarely do, especially on those i do not know. But i love when you said, “What a privilege to be under the covering of the king.”. For those that are his children, there is no better father then the living God. For he is ever faithful to those that are his. He will always go before us and holds our future in our hands. We have a firm foundation and are anchored in the rock that is higher than I. He supplies our every need and blesses us beyond measure. I pray that this encourages you to continue to press on toward the prize.