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February 11, 2015

We wore purple, and he made me feel like royalty too! || Becoming Mrs. M, pt. IV

For all you P31 photographers…you’ll understand this when I say I had literally just flown in on a midnight flight from attending the conference in Georgia, and seven hours later I was on a 3hr drive to Seattle. A) I was on adrenaline and excitement and what I like to call the post conference high after just gleaning and absorbing and learning so much – in the practical, spiritual, emotional, and business sense. But… b) I couldn’t wait to be back next to HIM! It had been almost a month, and I was just ecstatic.

He pulled into the hotel parking lot and I remember just staring at him. I was so in awe that I was his girlfriend. Ahh. You could say I was smitten (I’m more smitten now than I ever have been!). He just looked so good in that gray v-neck tee and dark wash jean with his worn leather sandals.

We went out for Italian for dinner and window shopped until the stars were high in the sky and there was a chill in the air. The following day, my family dressed in our favorite fan gear – jerseys, hats, you know…typical football game attire :)

After a quick stroll through the Redmond Farmer’s Market and a breakfast of nutella crepes, we boarded a commuter bus that had quite the hum. It was filled with people that all had the same mood: excitement. 

Nathan and I walked hand in hand through the campus and found our seats that were in the perfect place for sun bathers…not football fans who wanted melt from the heat. Being next to my guy in the stadium – you guys. There really is something so special about experiencing the excitement of sports with your love. I’m sure all the guys are going to just love that statement. HA! 

Doesn’t mean I’m a diehard fan or have season tickets to any sports games, or any sort of ticket…but, I do however have a ticket to spend quality time with my favorite person, and if that means a football game here and there, it’s absolutely 200% worth it – and it was a priceless date. We snacked on kettle corn and people watched for hours, we screamed until our voices were hoarse and laughed till our stomachs ached.

Through every portion of the weekend, time seemed to stand still. We were just lost with the joy of being together…nothing else really seemed to matter :)



Photo credit to my favorite guy for capturing this shot of my brother and I!


…next week? I’m skipping a few months because well…Nathan and I spent a few too many weeks apart, but hey…the proposal was worth it all!!! <3

For all you adventurers…during the weeks Nathan and I were apart, I spent a bit of that time with some of my favorite people in the mountains of Montana! It was filled with train caboose coffee shops and snowy drives to Glacier National Park – ahhh, you’re gonna love it!